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Pemuda Bani Tamim dan Black Banner of Islam

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Black Banner of Islam

Black Banner of Islam

Narrated by the late Grand Muhaddith of Morocco, Shaykh Abdullah ben Sadek Al Ghumari , Ph.D,
(1914 – 1993) may Allah be pleased with him

1. The Youth of Tamimi

The Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him,
was among a group of migrants and supporters.
Ali, the son of Abi Talib was on his left side and Abbas on his right side
when Abbas and a man from the supporters started to debate
with one another.
The supporter spoke harshly to Abbas,
then the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him,
took the hand of Abbas and the hand of Ali and said:

“From the loins of this (indicating to Abbas)
will come a youth who will fill the earth with transgression and injustice
and from the loins of this (indicating to Ali)
a man who will fill the earth with fairness and justice.
If you see this pay attention to the Tamimi youth who will come
from the direction of the east — he is the owner of the
Banner of Al Mahdi.”

Al Hasan Al Basri said:

“A man of medium stature will come from Ar-Ray (a far-eastern town).
He will be dark and from the children of Tamim
a Wasaj, named Shuayb son of Salih with four thousand men.
Their clothes will be white and Banners black,
and at his front is Al Mahdi.
He meets no one that he does not defeat and scatter”.

Ka’b, the son of Alkamah said:

“In front of the Banner of Al Mahdi will come a youth
whose beard is yellowish and thin.
If he fights the mountains, he will destroy them
until he reaches Alya’.”


2. Black Banners from the EAST asking for the truth

Ibn Masood reported: “We went to the Messenger of Allah,
praise and peace be upon him,
and he came out with good news –
and happiness was easily recognizable upon his face.
When we asked him about a matter
he would tell us about it,
and we were never silent about anything until he spoke of it,

until a party from the Bani Hashim passed by
amongst whom were Al Hasan and Al Hussain, peace be upon them.
When he saw them he hugged them with tears in his eyes,so we asked:

‘O Messenger of Allah’
we see something has changed your face which distresses us

‘Thereupon he replied:

‘We are a Family of a House
for whom Allah has chosen the Hereafter rather than the present.
After me my family will be refugees,

driven out of countries until the Black Banners are raised in the east.

They will ask for the truth
but they will not be given it,
so they will ask again for it,
and they will not be given it ,
so they will fight and be given victory.

Those of you or your descendants who live during that time
go to the Imam of the Family of my house
even if you have to crawl over ice to him.

Indeed, they are banners of guidance.

They will deliver it to a man from the Family of my House
his name is the same as my name,
and the name of his father is the same as my father,
and he will fill the ground with fairness and justice.

 3. Black Banners from the East

“The Black Banners will come from the East for
the children of Al Abbas.
Then there will remain whatsoever Allah wishes.
Then, small Black Banners will come
to fight a man from the children of Abu Sufyan from the East.
They will give their allegiance to Al Mahdi.

“Allah will send a Black Banner from the East,
and Allah will give victory to whosoever supports it.
Whosoever does not support it,
Allah will forsake them!

 4. Hearts like Iron

“The Black Banners will come to you from the East,
their hearts are like iron.Whosoever hears about them
let them go crawling even over ice!”


 5. The Government of Al Mahdi:

“People will come from the east
and will establish the government for Al Mahdi.”

6. Al Mahdi : Resemble an Arab or an Israel

“Al Mahdi is a man from my children.
His face is like a glittering star,
his skin is the color of an Arab,
and his body is like that of Israel.
He will fill the earth with justice
just as it will have been filled by injustice,
and the dwellers of Heaven and Earth
will be pleased with his Caliphate.”

“If only one day remains in the world,
Allah will send a man with a name like mine.
His manners will be likened to my manners.”

“Al Mahdi is a man from my children
his color is that of the Arab,
and his body is like that of Israel.
On his right cheek there is a mole
that glitters like a star.”

7. Al Mahdi with his banner

Al Mahdi will come upon his Banner and the herald will proclaim:
‘This is Al Mahdi, the Caliph of Allah so follow him!”

8. A group keep fighting for the truth
A group from my nation will keep fighting for the truth
until Jesus, the son of Mary descends at dawn in the
Mosque of Jerusalem.
He will approach Al Mahdi who will say:
‘O Prophet of Allah, come, lead us in prayer.’

But he will decline saying:
‘This nation has princes over each other’


JK Bercerai dengan SBY

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SBY JK Pisah (Cerai)

SBY JK Pisah (Cerai)

Lembaga kajian seperti CSIS, LP3ES, P2P LIPI dan Puskapol Fisip UI dalam hasil survey yang dilakukannya masih menempatkan Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono yang lebih unggul dibanding Capres lainnya. Bahkan jauh melebih Megawati sebagai saingan terbesarnya dengan perolehan suara SBY yaitu 46% dan Megawati memperoleh suara 31%.

Pengamat Politik LIPI, Syamsudin Haris menyatakan meskipun SBY dipasangkan dengan calon wakil presiden manapun, SBY masih tetap unggul.

Selain itu, ia menuturkan bahwa sangat dilematis jika SBY harus berpisah dengan Jusuf Kalla (JK). Karena ia menilai penerimaan masyarakat terhadap JK lebih kecil dibandingkan dengan Capres lainnya.

Menurutnya Syamsudin, peluang JK tidak signifikan jika berpisah dengan SBY dan mencapreskan diri. Begitu pula jika JK berdampingan dengan Hidayat Nurwahid tidak akan memperoleh suara yang maksimal.