Satrio Piningit adalah Pemuda Bani Tamim

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Imam Ali Kakek Buyut Imam Mahdi as

Imam Ali as Kakek Buyut dari Imam Mahdi as

What a MIRACULOUS EAST, prepared for the Rising of the Great New Empire !?

Soothsayers of many races using many languages and varied methods agree with the sayings of the Prophet (pbuh) about the last era. The last era is specifically for Islam. The most famous are the predictions of the Jewish, Christian and Javanese soothsayers.

Most people know about the predictions of Nostradamus (a French Jew) concerning the coming of a saviour that he mentioned as “the man with the blue turban”. A Dutch writer, G. H. Brill wrote in his book The First Encyclopaedia of Islam (1913) about the rise of Islam from the East by someone he called “the standard bearer of Mahdi”. And in an ancient and famous Javanese book known as Babad Tanah Jawa, there is mention about the coming of one “Ratu Adil” (Al Mahdi) and “Satria Piningit” (The Prince of Bani Tamim) who will govern NUSANTARA Archipelago with pure Islamic teachings.

Let me list out what the Javanese soothsayers said as explained by Permadi SH, head of the Indonesian Paranormal Foundation.

Permadi SH is a famous name in Indonesia. He said clearly that Satria Piningit is the person who will lead to Ratu Adil. Before him is Satria Kinunjara and Satria Mukti Wibawa. Satria Kinunjara is the one who spent most of his life in prison and who set Indonesia free from colonization. That was Soekarno. Permadi SH also said clearly that Satria Piningit is an admirer and he echoes the message of Soekarno.
Ir. Soekarno
Ir. Soekarno (Satria Kinunjara)

Satria Mukti Wibawa is a leader full of charisma who filled Indonesia’s independence. That was Soeharto. But Permadi SH also mentioned that Soeharto’s era was still an era of chaos and anarchy. There was no justice until the arrival of Satria Piningit.
Soeharto (Satria Mukti Wibawa)

Satria Piningit literally means a hidden warrior. He exists but appears non-existent. He is non-existent but appears to exist. This means he is protected by God. He is surrounded by tyranny and injustice like maggots crawling and creeping all over his body.

On one side, Satria Piningit has the good character of Soekarno. On the other side he has the good character of Soeharto. He is brave, vocal but calm and bound by strategy.

That is why Permadi SH said he is the combination of both Soekarno and Soeharto.

His arrival results in the merger of Nusantara. This is a continuation of the success of the Kingdom of Majapahit. That kingdom united the Nusantara Archipelago with the influence of Hindu and Buddhist religions. This time, the Nusantara Archipelago will unite under the banner of pure Islam. Permadi SH also mentioned this is the turn of the Malays to lead the world. The light of Islam will emerge from the Nusantara Archipelago and will brighten the whole world. The signs are already clear and the emergence of Satria Piningit is very near. He will emerge exactly at the time he is needed.

These predictions of Permadi SH are almost similar to the predictions of the Jewish Nostradamus and the writings of G. H. Brill. Verily Allah in His own way has spread this dazzling news about the rise of Islam in the last era to most races and languages of the world. Almost all races have heard about it. It is exciting and elating news to all Muslims. But to the enemies of Islam, they are wary and very sad.

But it will surely happen. Allah Himself promised that it will happen through the sayings (Hadith) of His Apostle. Let us see the particular Hadith that is almost 1500 years old now. It has survived a very long span of time to be inherited by Muslims of the last era at the end of time. Verily, Allah does not forget His servants among the followers of His Apostle in the last era, and hence for them Allah has reserved this Hadith which is crucial and very important. The Prophet said:

Which means: From Abdullah bin Mas’ud, he said: When we were with Rasulullah suddenly came a group of children from Bani Hashim. When Rasulullah saw them, both his eyes became wet with tears and his facial expression changed. So I asked, “Why do we see in your expression something that does not please you?” Rasulullah replied: “Allah Has chosen for us, Ahlul Bait (the family and descendants of Rasulullah), the Hereafter above the worldly. My descendants will face misfortune and expulsion after me until the arrival of a group of people from the East who will bring with them the Black ‘pennon’. They ask for goodness but goodness was not given to them. So they fought and struggled until in the end, they were assisted (by Allah) and they achieved success. They were given what they asked for. But they did not take it for themselves but they hand it (Islamic Nation) over to a man of my descendant who will fill the earth with justice the way it was filled with tyranny (before that). Whoever among you gets the news about him, go to them even if you have to crawl on snow. Verily he is Al Mahdi.” (Narrated by Ibnu Majah)

In another Hadith:

Which means: From Ibnu Umar r.a. that Rasulullah (pbuh), whilst holding the hand of Sayidina Ali, said: “It will emerge from this sulbi (basis of descendance), a man who will fill the earth with justice. And so, when you are convinced of such, you must endeavour to be with the Prince of Bani Tamim. Verily he comes from the East and he is the holder of the standards of Al Mahdi.” (Narrated by At-Tabrani)
Satrio Piningit (Satrio Pinandito)
Satrio Piningit (Satrio Pinandito)

For those who consider this a weak Hadith, I would like you to see what is happening in the East beginning from the early 15th Hijriah century. You will notice the revival of Islam in the Nusantara world that is growing and expanding although it is being hindered and obstructed. This is a strange phenomenon.
Indonesia Nusantara
Indonesia Nusantara

Malays are becoming the best people in the practice of Islam and they are in the forefront of the Islamic struggle in the whole world today. It is not yet perfect, but is certainly progressing. This is no longer a secret. Although Islam was brought to the Nusantara Archipelago by Arab Traders more than 700 years ago, only now is Islam beginning to flourish in this region albeit in an era where the second age of ignorance has enveloped the whole world. Islam here did not die nor did it perish although it is was colonized and its enemies tried to kill it countless times.


  2. ketahuilah wahai manusia…pmda bani tamim adlh ktrunan dri manusia agung (khaidir) dia adlh nurullah,yg allah anugrahkn kpdx 7 kekuatan langit & bumi yg skrg allah mengukir namax di atas langit sedangkn al-mahdi itu keturunan dri rasulullah saw & dia sdh prnh gaib/trhijab 3 kali..klo skrg dia ada di bwh kaki gunung yg konon kabarx di namakan alam kewalian,dimana dia brada maka di situ ada kedamaian & di tmpt itu aman dari bencana alam

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